Manufacture of Brick anchors

Between the fastening systems that are offered by ACFI it includes the manufacture and welding of brick anchors, for refractory bricks. We can work with our own catalog models or perform a tailored production for your company, based on the original design that suits you.

The most requested measure are manufactured with rods of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm, and with the desired lenght, depending on the shape and dimensions of the bricks.

We always have in stock of raw materials in several qualities: 253ma – 1.4301 – 1.4845 – 1.4828 – 2.4851. For this reason, ACFI can provide anchors for refractory bricks in a short period of time.

Our anchors are manufactured always with european raw materials and they are delivered with the 3.1 certificate.




Download the Catalog of Brick Anchors

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