Welding by arc discharge

The welding by arc discharged is a technique that we widely use in our work. This tecnique provides welds of resistant anchors, in a very reduced time of performance. Therefore, it is ideal for applications where large mechanical loads are transmitted: clamping refractory lining, metalic structures, construction of bridges, collaborative forged, etc.

The techniques consists of stablishing an intense electric arc between the anchor and the base piece, which melts the contact surfaces. at the end of the arc, the anchor is pressed into the molten baths through a mechanism of the welding gun, solidifying the piece and the anchor jointly. The duration of the electric arc is 0,1 to 1 second: a welding time under which favors a high productivity.

In the short time of the welding bath remains molten is protected from the atmospheric influence through a ceramic ring or a stream of inert gas, creating a clean and uniform weld bead.

The end to weld of the anchor is prepared to allow the electric arc to set easily and evenly. This is accomplished by fluxing the end through an aluminum ball or aluminum spray, depending on the diameter of the anchor.

In those cases in which this fast technique of welding cannot be applied, our company can perform welding works through electrode, MIG or TIG, which allows us to offer a solution in all of the cases.