Projects for petrochemical industry

In ACFI we are specialists in scheduled maintenance stops and we are aware of the high demand of the equipments and security systems that the companies from the petrochemical industries require -due to the high danger and explosiveness of the environment-. Therefore, we are fully able to offer the following services related with the construction of refractory lining:

  • Manufacture of any type of andchor and/or stud in resistant qualities in high temperatures.
  • Welding of anchors and studs for the refractory lining.
  • Cutting and grinding of old anchors and studs.
  • Blasting grit iron for the cleaning of the metal surface that has been demolished.

We work with all welding procedures and we have welders according to EN and ASME standard, for studwelding and for hand welding.

We also have an Engineering Department to make the drawings of the installation of anchors if your company requires it.