Anchors, studs and fixing systems

ACFI is your ally in the construction of refractory linings. We are a company that offers you a global service: we manufacture and supply the fixation accessories & we can take care of the welding and other related services during the execution of the work.

What makes us different?

From ACFI Accesorios de Fijación we understand that our image is the same one of our operators. They are the visible face of our company, the one that represent us on the ground and the main interlocutor with the responsibles for the work executions. This is why we take special care in their selection and training.

We choose professionals who are identified with the same human values that we defend so that, when they are in the work, they perform their functions with responsibility and involvement towards the work team.

Our workers are aware that their work is a link in a gear higher and that they need to be efficient to facilitate that  the rest of processes to be executed effectively.

Continuous training is another of the values that stands out in our workforce. The evolution of the technological advances that we live in the sector and the importance of updating the security protocols are two elements that mark our everyday and they require the constant recycling of the professionals.

Since its inception in 1996, our brand ACFI is a synonimous with quality in the product as well as the service. This has been achieved because we study every project and guide the customer to achieve an excellent product.

We are a family business that responds in an agile, fast and direct way, working always in contact with the customer.

We are certified with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, that guarantees quality systems in the management.

Thanks to all this, we are a leading company in the welding sector by studwelding and in the manufacture of any type of studs and anchors for refractory linings.

ACFI Accesorios de Fijación is the decan company in Spain in the implementation of this welding method. Being the fist ones to offer this technology has brought us a great baggage -which expands project to project- and has defined our company vision.

It is essential for us to invest in innovation to incorporate technologies and construction processes that are more advanced. This allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions to the new challenges that arise.

The construction sector is in permanent evolution and the techniques constantly change. For this reason, it is imperative that the companies also evolve, identifying and incorporating the latest technological advances.

The possibility of working with international partners throughout Europe allows us to be the first ones to adopt these changes, as well as nurturing our experience.

The trajectory of two decades fo work has led us to create a large human and technical team, so we can execute different projects simultaneously, as well as assume large-scale projects.

Our experience allows us to know and anticipate the variables that can affect the resolution of a project.

Our extensive catalog of anchors and fixation systems allow us to find always a solution that adapts to your needs.

The construction companies rely on ACFI for their complex projects because of the quality response that they obtain, which is reflected in the short delivery periods, in reasonable budgets and in finding always a tailored solution for your needs.

Our company has an infrastructure to udertake international projects in any point of the world. Companies all over Europe, South America and Asia have already checked it.

Nowadays, we supply fixing accessories to companies around the world and we carry out welding services throughout Europe with great flexibility and effectiveness.

In ACFI Accesorios de Fijación we take into account that your activities generate on local communities, environment and society in general. Therefore, we focus each project looking for ways to optimize and rationalize the constructive processes that we perform.

Our goal is to minimize the social costs and the environmental footprint of our work, because we are aware that the construction industry can still make a lot of progress in this field.

In each project a study is included of how to generate the least impact outside of the work. In this sense, the responsible management of the waste is an important part of our work.

The recycling of the fleet of vehicles and the correct maintenance of tools so that they are in optimal conditions are also simple but effective ways to avoid a waste of resources.

As a result of our commitment to environmental management and social responsibility, we have obtained the main european construction  certifications.