Abrasive blasting and micro-abrasive blasting of surfaces

We have added to our range of services the abrasive blasting with aluminum micro-abrasive blasting (aluminum silicate) for any type of metallic surface, a service that is performed prior to the welding, painting, measuring the thickness, etc., of the metal pieces in the anchors for the refractory linings.

Since it is often necessary perform the abrasive blasting of the metal pieces before the welding and the cut, we think that offering this service is important and it is a great advantage.

No one knows better than us about the degree of cleanliness that is necessary to reach the best welding.

The degree obtained with our productive methods are the followings:

  • Sa 2½: Abrasive blasting or micro-abrasive blasting up to leaving the metal almost white, in order to ensure that at least 95% of each portion of the total surface remains free from any visible residue.
  • Careful abrasive blasting: The blast stays on the surface the necessary time to ensure that the husk of lamination, rust and strange matters are removed in a way that any residue appears only as light shadows or spots on the surface.
  • Finally, it removes the abrasive dust with a vacuum cleaner, with clean and dry compressed air, or with a clean brush.

We work with equipments with a great power and capacity of the same, which allows us to get an optimal result in a very reduced period of work.

We have experience in works of abrasive blasting performed on aquatubular walls, ducts, furnaces, boilers, inside and outside deposits, beams, silos, pipes and, in general, on any metallic equipment.  We also perfom this service on facades of industrial equipments.