Project for the steel industry

We are experts in repairing ovens of lamination and construction of new works. For the companies of the steel industry sector we can offer the following products and services:

  • Manufacture of any type of andchor and/or stud in resistant qualities in high temperatures.
  • Welding of molded parts for the protection of posts and beams.
  • Welding of connectors, anchors and studs for the refractory lining.
  • Cutting and grinding of old anchors and studs.
  • Repair by TIG welding of possible damages on the aqua tubular walls caused by the demolition of the refractory.
  • Blasting grit iron for the cleaning of the metal surface that has been demolished.

Thanks to our methods and equipment we manage to reduce the execution periods up to a 50% in comparison with the conventional welds.

To performed these services are certified with repairing company of equipment to high pressure.

We work with all welding procedures and we have welders according to EN and ASME standard, for studwelding and for hand welding.