Manufacture of studs for welding

Among the products offered by ACFI Accesorios de fijación it can be found the manufacture of studs for welding, that we can manufacture according to our own catalog designs or tailored, with the original design that the customer requires.

We manufacture any type of stud according to the standards reflected in our catalogues, but we can also manufacture studs according to the designs of our customers for the thickness of the necessary refractory.

The most common are de 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 mm, without limitation of lenght and shape.

We have in stock of raw materials different qualities: 253MA – 1.4301 – 1.4845 – 1.4828 – 2.4851 – 1.4742 – C.S. Thanks to this we can provide studs to our customers in a shorter period of time.

Our anchors are manufactured always with european raw materials and they are delivered with 3.1 certificate.

The studs are a fixing element widely used in large-scale projects, so that we take care of the production in large quantities as well as to deliver directly in the country where the work is running.










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